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Orthodontist office in Seymour, Tennessee

At Langford Orthodontics, we aim to provide happy, healthy smiles for every patient. Professional dental care is available from our local orthodontist near you. When you visit our orthodontist office in Seymour, we’ll listen to your concerns and help identify solutions that fit your needs and budget. We proudly serve Seymour, Knoxville, and the surrounding communities from our two office locations.

Address: 11169 Chapman Highway, Seymour, TN 37865

Phone: 865-522-0120

Office hours:

Monday – Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Thursday: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Friday: Closed

Our skilled team

The Langford Orthodontics team is a dedicated, compassionate group of experts in the field. Dr. Langford and Dr. Ringer stay up-to-date on the latest orthodontic advancements to ensure our patients are always receiving the best treatment possible.

Our skilled team of assistants and administrators is also committed to your success as a patient. We invest in your results and continuously seek education on new practices and updates in orthodontics. You can approach any of us with questions about your treatment, and we’ll strive to make sure your needs are met.

How we serve you

At Langford Orthodontics, we give every patient our full attention. We set our practice apart with positive patient relationships and a dedication to your smile. Our Seymour orthodontist office thrives on open communication, so we make sure to listen before we speak. This model allows us to create a personalized plan for every patient.

We supply our office with cutting-edge orthodontic technology and industry advancements. You can enjoy comfortable appointments thanks to equipment upgrades like the 3D impression scanner.

Our orthodontic services in Seymour, Tennessee

We take an individualized approach to every orthodontic need, including overbite, underbite, teeth crowding and gaps. Your orthodontic treatment will depend on your preferences and our available solutions. From aesthetic options like ceramic braces and Invisalign® to digital scanners and 3D printing, Langford Orthodontics can provide the kind of cutting-edge diagnostics and treatment that will lead to your best smile in no time!

Here are a few services we provide to help shape your smile:

Metal braces: It’s likely that you’ve already heard of metal braces. These fixtures are a tried-and-true method for kids, teens and adults to straighten their teeth or correct jaw spacing.

Clear bracesAlso known as ceramic braces, clear braces function just as metal braces do with an added benefit. This treatment uses tooth-colored wires, brackets and elastics for a more subtle appearance.

Invisalign®: Many adults choose Invisalign as a cosmetic alternative to metal braces. You can remove these clear aligners while eating and brushing your teeth.

Invisalign Teen®: We treat many teens that want straighter teeth but don’t like the look of braces. These patients use Invisalign Teen, a series of trays they can remove for prom pictures, lunchtime or basketball practice.

Schedule an appointment with a Seymour orthodontist

When you visit our orthodontist office in Seymour, you’ll partner with a team that’s excited to see your smile. We treat patients of all ages in the area, from kids to teens to adults. We also offer financing options.

As Eastern Tennessee’s orthodontic experts, we strive to ensure all our patients feel happy and healthy in their smiles. Before we begin your treatment, we’d like to hear your questions and concerns during a virtual or in-person consult. To get started at Langford Orthodontics, you can schedule a free consultation online.