Clear ceramic braces

Clear ceramic braces in Seymour and Knoxville

Clear ceramic braces offer a way for you to straighten your smile without all of the noticeable metal found in traditional braces. Designed to work similarly to metal braces, clear braces utilize transparent or tooth-colored materials to align teeth more subtly. Everything from the brackets to the archwires and elastic ties can be made clear or white for a minimal look.

You’ll find that this design and color make these braces much less noticeable and easier to wear. Adults in particular appreciate being able to correct and beautify their smiles with this treatment.

Who's a good fit for ceramic braces?

Of course, one of the most noticeable benefits of clear dental braces is the straight new smile they’ll help you achieve, but the advantages of straightening your teeth go beyond cosmetic improvement. There are many different orthodontic problems that can be prevented when you get treatment for crooked or crowded teeth or an uneven bite.

Fixing these kinds of issues as early as possible can help you avoid:

  • Difficulty chewing or speaking
  • Wearing down your enamel
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth loss

Everyone from children to teens to adults can wear clear braces. This treatment option is a favorite of adults who want to straighten their teeth and correct bite issues while maintaining a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

These braces are also a great option for individuals who want the look of clear aligners but may have trouble remembering to wear them exactly as directed. Since clear braces are fixed appliances, you won’t have to worry about making sure you’re wearing them as long as prescribed each day.

Customized treatment plans for ceramic braces

At Langford Orthodontics, we understand that every patient has unique needs and goals, so we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach for any of our orthodontic treatments.

Instead, you can count on us to create a customized treatment plan that will help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of. During your initial consultation, we’ll take the time to learn more about you and your condition and vision so we can develop a plan that ensures you reach your goals. With Dr. Langford, Dr. Ringer and our team’s support every step of the way, getting a healthier and more attractive smile is easier than ever.

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How much do ceramic braces cost?

Depending on your needs and treatment goals, the cost of ceramic braces can vary. Because they use specialized materials, they do tend to be a little more expensive than metal braces.

If you’re interested in learning more about clear bracket braces, we can provide a consultation to give you additional information, evaluate your condition and create a monthly payment plan that fits your budget.

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