Overbite Correction

An overbite is an excessive overlap between the top and bottom teeth. While some overlay is needed to eat and speak properly, too much space or covering can lead to several problems down the road.

What Can Cause an Overbite?

Overbites can be the result of several different factors:

  • Genetics: An overlap can happen simply because of the shape of an individual's facial bones. There could be irregularities in the jawbone structure or hereditary conditions that lead to bite issues.
  • Overcrowding: Crowded teeth can result in bite problems, especially when the back molars have been under excessive wear and tear and are damaged or lost.
  • Habits: Certain practices from childhood such as thumb-sucking, prolonged use of pacifiers or bottles, and tongue thrusting can increase the chances of an overbite. Chewing on objects like pencils, hair or nails can also lead to this condition.

Overbite Symptoms

An overbite can cause a lot of discomfort, not just within your mouth but for your body and mental well-being. Some of the symptoms you could experience include:

  • Persistent facial and oral pain.
  • Crowding.
  • Locking jaw.
  • Tooth loss and decay.
  • Headaches.
  • Speech impairment.
  • Oral diseases.
  • Chewing issues.
  • Oral hygiene difficulties.

Why Fix an Overbite?

Proper alignment is vital for your overall health and satisfaction. By fixing an overbite, you can:

  • Promote confidence: Some people may feel embarrassed about their smile, so correcting bite issues can boost self-esteem.
  • Prevent lasting damage: By treating overbites, you can protect your teeth and jaw structure from potential pain or growth problems.
  • Improve your quality of life: You can enjoy each day more, speak freely, eat comfortably and move your mouth without a struggle.
  • Maintain good hygiene: Cleaning your teeth and preventing disease is easier when you correct an excessive overbite.

Customized Treatments for This Condition

Correcting an overbite is manageable with a treatment catered to your specific needs and desires. Langford Orthodontics provides several options to help you resolve your bite issues:

Why Choose Langford Orthodontics for Overbite Correction

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