Removing braces signals the start of the retention and observation period of your orthodontic care.

Please remember that this part of your orthodontic treatment is just as important as the active moment phase in determining the ultimate success of your treatment. Once the teeth have been moved into their desired positions a period of time is needed to stabilize the teeth so that the surrounding bone and soft tissues can conform to your new dental alignment. When braces are removed, it is a good time to review several important aspects of care.

The following video explains how to brush and floss while wearing braces:

Patients in the retention phase are seen periodically in our office during the first year after braces are removed. Patients will continue to see the doctor until he feels they can be dismissed from treatment. It is then their responsibility to wear a retainer as prescribed. Please call our office if you have any concerns regarding your retainers.

Typically a removable retainer is worn at night only. A boned retainer may be used on the inside of the lower front teeth and in some cases on the inside of the upper front teeth. This bonded retainer will be worn indefinitely as long as there are no problems with oral hygiene. If a decision to remove your bonded retainer is made, a removable retainer will be fabricated and will be worn while sleeping.

For lasting success from orthodontic treatment:

  • Wear your retainer as prescribed
  • Don’t let your retainer get bent or otherwise damaged
  • Call for a repair appointment if your retainer is damaged or loosened
  • Keep your retainer clean, floss regularly
  • Keep your retainer in its case when not being worn
  • Be committed to maintaining your beautiful smile