Whatever your plans were for 2020, they probably didn’t include self-quarantining while dealing with a global pandemic! Following recent state-mandated guidelines, Langford Orthodontics is closed until at least April 30th, except for emergencies. If you’ve recently started braces treatment or have had them for a while, you may be worried how this will affect you. Or, if you’ve just started looking into orthodontic treatment, you may be wondering if that will even be a possibility now. We’ve put together a guide to virtual visits and consultations to answer all of your questions!

Thankfully, today’s technology allows us to meet your orthodontic needs through virtual consultations! There is no doubt that times are changing. The team at Langford Orthodontics is embracing new and innovative ways of staying connected with our patients, while continuing to practice social distancing. By conducting virtual visits and consultations, we’re able to meet many of your orthodontic needs completely online. Keep reading below to learn more about virtual visits and consultations!

How virtual consultations work

Telemedicine has provided new ways to access healthcare in a time when many businesses are closed due to COVID-19. If this is the first time you’ve heard about virtual visits, you’re not alone! Many people are unsure what to expect from these new virtual services. The good news is that the process is very user-friendly, even for those who have never used it before!

To get started, you can visit our official website at https://www.langfordortho.com/. From there, you’ll find a red banner at the bottom of the screen that will lead you to our virtual consultations page. Once you’re there, you’ll need to submit some photos. We’ve included some examples on the registration page, as well as a short video tutorial. Once you’ve submitted your photos and the required personal information, Dr. Langford will review them and any notes you’ve included. Dr. Langford will then reach out to you with a treatment plan created to meet your specific needs. 

Tips for taking the best photos

When taking photos for your virtual consultation, it can seem like quite a challenge to get the right angles. Don’t worry! There are some easy ways to get clear, quality photos, without any fancy camera work! It can be most helpful to have a family member take your photos, or use a self-timer. To get the correct photos, you can use your fingers or spoons to pull your cheeks back while biting down hard. The video included in the registration form will show you just what to do!

If you’ve been directed to wear elastics by Dr. Langford, it’s important to wear them for your photos. This will allow Dr. Langford to check that you’re wearing them properly and give you any feedback if necessary. 

Why Langford Orthodontics is implementing virtual technology

As mandated closures and stay-at-home orders were implemented all over the country, we knew it would begin to affect us on the homefront. Staying connected with patients and continuing to provide care was starting to look different. By making the transition to virtual care, we can continue to meet the orthodontic needs of our community, while following social distancing guidelines. Virtual consultations allow you to start the journey to your dream smile even while our office is closed. 

Virtual services are also extremely beneficial in the case of an orthodontic emergency while our office is closed. If you’re unsure if what you’re experiencing qualifies as a true orthodontic emergency, a virtual visit can eliminate the guesswork. You’ll be able to communicate your concerns to Dr. Langford and send photos of any issues you may have with your appliances or teeth. Dr. Langford will be able to assess your situation and either help you treat it safely at home or schedule an in-office appointment. 

Taking Care of Your Teeth and Appliances 

As you’re maintaining social distancing guidelines, it’s more important than ever to maintain your smile! Keeping up a good oral hygiene routine while regularly scheduled visits are on hold will make sure your treatment stays on track. Here are some ways you can take the best care of your appliances from home:


  • Wear aligners as instructed by Dr. Langford.  
  • If you’re nearing the end of a series and don’t have the next aligner, continue to wear the last one for 15-18 hours a day, until your next in-office visit.
  • If you lose or break an aligner, use the previous one in the series.
  • Keep using any other equipment, such as elastics, as directed by Dr. Langford.
  • If you run out of aligners, don’t stop wearing them! Contact our office so we can discuss your next steps. 


  • Continue to wear elastics as instructed by Dr. Langford. If you run out, let us know, and we’ll be happy to mail you more!
  • If you have any wires sticking out, apply a small bit of orthodontic wax to help relieve any pain or discomfort until your next visit to the office. You can also trim the end of the wire with a pair of nail clippers or small scissors, if you feel comfortable doing so. 
  • If you have a loose bracket, let us know! We’ll fix it at your next in-office appointment. For a temporary fix, however, you can try gently sliding the bracket back to the middle of your tooth. 
  • Avoid all foods that can cause damage to your braces. This will help prevent any emergencies, and keep us all safe at home! 
  • And of course, keep your braces clean and free of food debris or plaque.


  • Continue to do turns, as instructed by Dr. Langford
  • Contact our office to discuss your next steps. 


  • If you’ve lost or broken a retainer, contact our office and we’ll discuss your next steps. 
  • If your bonded retainer has come loose, continue to wear your removable retainer full time until we are able to see you and either remove the broken portion or repair the area.

Maintain a healthy smile from home with Langford Orthodontics

This is a time of adjustment for us all, but the team at Langford Orthodontics is committed to providing you with the best possible care. Virtual consultations give you the opportunity to start working on the smile of your dreams, while keeping in line with social distancing guidelines. Wherever you are in your orthodontic journey, we’re here for you! We aim to remain accessible while keeping everyone safely at home. Virtual services are the perfect way to do that, and we can’t wait to get started with you!

- Dr. Langford

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