A Clear Option

Ceramic braces are clear, tooth-colored braces that come in colored braces, esthetic braces, or even porcelain braces. They function the same way as traditional metal braces and even offer a cosmetic alternative to the metal by using clear brackets.

They’re the same shape and size, but far less noticeable when paired with clear, white, or tooth-colored wires and elastic ties.

Although they’re less noticeable, ceramic braces can be less durable than metal braces, and also more costly. Ceramic braces are the perfect braces for anyone who don't want their braces to stand out and don’t want to keep up with aligners.


Best for Adults

Ceramic braces are better suited for adults, rather than teens or children.

Although you don’t need to worry about the brackets themselves staining, the elastic ties can become discolored through habits like smoking or drinking black coffee or wine regularly.