Your health and well-being matter to us at Langford Orthodontics. We understand that each person has different requirements and desires when it comes to their mouth and smile, so we offer a wide selection of appliances and treatments to help meet the needs of our patients.

What Are the Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment provides many physical and emotional benefits, including:

  • Improved oral health: Orthodontic treatment can improve jaw alignment and straighten teeth, preventing future pains and difficulty. It can make it easier to keep your mouth clean and help teeth wear evenly and naturally.
  • Boosted confidence: When we are comfortable with our smile, we feel better about ourselves. Orthodontic treatment can help you create the smile you've always wanted. We also offer various options, from braces to clear aligners, that enable you to achieve your goals.

Types of Appliances We Offer at Langford Orthodontics

Whatever your age, you can create a healthy smile with orthodontic treatment. We provide many different appliances to help you find the right fit for your situation.


We provide two different types of braces:

  • Metal: Traditional metal braces are a reliable and durable option for improving oral health.
  • Ceramic: This braces option uses transparent or tooth-colored materials to provide the same function as metal braces in a more subtle manner.


Clear aligners allow you to improve your smile while keeping your lifestyle the same. They gradually shift crooked teeth into place through removable trays that are replaced every two weeks. Langford Orthodontics is proud to offer Invisalign® treatment for adults to help them achieve the smile they've always wanted. We also provide Invisalign for teens looking to improve their smiles subtly but effectively.


Retainers ensure your teeth stay in place. We have three kinds available to help maintain orthodontic retention:

  • Hawley retainer: This removable retainer has a plastic body that rests along the teeth or roof of the mouth. Wires go across the teeth and clasp around some of them.
  • Essix retainer: This subtle, clear plastic retainer fits around the teeth seamlessly. It may need to be replaced more often and is also removable.
  • Fixed retainer: This option is attached to the back of the teeth with dental cement, so only an orthodontist can remove it. It is not visible when you smile.

Dental Spacers

Adults and children can benefit from a dental spacer, which separates teeth for alignment purposes and other orthodontic appliances. We offer rubber and metal materials to help children save space for adult teeth and for adults to maintain room for prosthetics.

Palatal Expanders

Palatal expanders are often used to slowly expand the palate in children and teens. This is because their palate does not fuse until after puberty. Palatal expanders are connected to the back and upper molars to push apart the sides of the palate. These expanders are often used to resolve issues like crowding and when the upper jaw doesn't align with the lower jaw.

Why Receive Appliances From Langford Orthodontics?

Langford Orthodontics is happy to serve the Knoxville and Seymour, Tennessee, areas. Our resident orthodontist, Dr. Allen Langford, and our experienced and friendly team of orthodontic and administrative assistants are ready to meet your needs and help you create a healthy and glowing smile. We understand every person has a unique situation, which is why we offer a variety of appliances and services so we can help you in the ways you need.

Create a Healthier Smile With Langford Orthodontics

Let us help you feel confident and comfortable with your smile. Schedule a free consultation online and get started on improving your oral health today!

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